17. “Glory in death” by Nora Roberts (writing as J.D. Robb)

Publisher: Piatkus Books, 2010 (first published in 1995)
Page count: 416 pages

“Glory in death” is the second book about Lt. Eve Dallas in the “In death”-series. In this book three women brutally have their throats slashed by an unknown assailant. The first two victims were both public personas (one was a high-profile prosecutor and the other an actress) but are otherwise unrelated in every way. The third was a public nobody, an editor at a local tv station, but Eve suspects that the victim was mistaken for Nadine Furst, the star reporter at the same tv station. Eve therefore decides to draw the murderer out by using herself as bait, an easy thing to do given the publicity around her romance with Roarke and the notoriety she gained from the case in “Naked in death”. The case is complicated further when her boss, Whitney, tries to interfere in Eve’s investigation because he was a close friend of the slain prosecutor. But is Eve prepared to suffer the consequences when the murderer takes the bait? And how is the relationship to Roarke affected when Eve once again has to drag him into one of her investigations as a potential suspect?

This book is as brilliant as the first one. The crime and suspense are great here too, but more interesting is it to follow the relationship between Eve and Roarke as it hits its first inevitable bumpy patches when Eve’s personal life is once again impacted by her career.


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