23. “The peach keeper” by Sarah Addison Allen

Publisher: Bantam, 2011
Page count: 288 pages

Willa Jackson leads a quiet life in Walls of Water running a local sports store. Her grandmother Alice, on the other hand, grew up in luxury in The Blue Ridge Madam, once the town’s most fashionable mansion, but which is now in disrepair after the Jackson family fell upon hard times years ago. In contrast, Paxton Osgood appears to have everything Willa does not; Paxton is the popular daughter of a prominent Southern family of old money, and heads up the local group of socialite do-gooders pretending to do charity. The charity was started by the grandmothers of Paxton and Willa 75 years ago, and to celebrate this anniversary Paxton has now renovated The Blue Ridge Madam. The anniversary party is jeopardised, however, when the restoration reveals the skeleton of one Mr. Tucker Devlin and old family secrets are at long last revealed…

I’ve chosen to keep this summary very brief for the simple reason that I don’t want to spoil the story for you! “The peach keeper” is an enchanting story, perfect for holiday relaxation or days where you just feel like reading something romantic with a few complications and a guaranteed happy ending. Moreover it is filled with Southern charm and magic realism which add to the comfort factor of the book. To conclude, then, “The peach keeper” may not be a great literary classic, but as romance novels go it certainly delivers everything you could hope for and more, and so it comes highly recommend within its genre 🙂


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